Friday, April 27, 2012


It has been a CRAZY week. I am working on a long post to explain my disappearance from the blog world late last year, and why I started a new blog. It is hard for me to write it but it is part of healing to be able to talk about stuff that you have been keeping in for a long time.
This last week was emotional and kind of draining. I got in a 18 km run on Wednesday. I did it at my training pace and managed to stay around 6 min kms. It feels sooooo slow to do this but it is how I did my marathon training last summer and it worked to I am going to stick with it.
Yesterday I did a 5km sprint run-Intervals-In 23 min and 23 sec. Ugh. It was tough but I banged it out. I can't run or anything this weekend as I have a physical recertification on Monday for my Tactical team. HATE this test. Stupid beep test-I suck at it. Ok
Well we are off to a cottage for the weekend. About 2 hours away. Going to sit in a hot tub and drink some wine. Just a mini getaway.

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